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The NEW Wine Show

Recognised as one of the top premium wine shows in the country, The NEW Wine Show is back for a forth year! Focussing on bringing prominent wineries to Port Elizabeth to present premium quality wines to the local wine loving & buying audience. The Ideal show for the real wine enthusiasts & collectors.

The NEW Wine Show Formula Has Three Key Pillars

  1. The right audience: The NEW Wine Show have been successful in showing that PE has a wine audience, that is willing to spend money for exceptional wines. There is a thirst to have the established, the NEW and upcoming wineries to come down to P.E. and present their latest wines.
  2. Top wineries: 14 wineries, hand selected to showcase the different wines from different regions, that complement each other and don’t necessary compete with each other. Well-known wineries that showcase their wines across the country to wineries that normally don’t venture outside of the Western Cape and are relatively NEW to PE. Wineries are encouraged to bring 1 or 2 of their “exclusive range” wines with to the show.
  3. The right atmosphere: A balance in numbers. Not too big, not too small. A guest at the wine show should not feel rushed, should not feel stuck in a crowd, but should feel comfortable to stroll around. Have a bite to eat, taste some wines, have a nice interaction with the winemaker (or representative), learn about the winery, the wines they produce and discover something NEW in the process
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